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Daydream Adventures is Toronto’s first and only immersive art escape room

Our escape room was hand-crafted with the talents of Toronto artists. Daydream Adventures has made an alternate world in Toronto’s vibrant Danforth neighborhood. You will enter into an adventure like no other. This is a game that will allow you to experience exploring a set so immersive, you may forget you are in an escape room.

Your goal is not to simply escape. Your team will embark on an unforgettable adventure. Play through an immersive story, solve interactive puzzles and complete your mission.

Daydream Adventures is an escape room for all ages and audiences. We can host birthday parties, team building events and more. Visit Toronto’s only immersive art escape room.


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Shahir KurjiShahir Kurji
14:42 22 Sep 23
Marlee LissMarlee Liss
00:14 20 Sep 23
We had the best time!!! The escape room was absolutely beautiful and we loved the way the staff ensured we had FUN & got support when we needed it. Definitely the coolest escape room any one in our group has been too!
Michael LustinsMichael Lustins
19:38 18 Sep 23
Beautifully designed rooms and fun game mechanics. A good time out with friends!
Gillian HickmanGillian Hickman
23:55 17 Sep 23
Asvini KulanayagamAsvini Kulanayagam
19:21 17 Sep 23
What an awesome experience! I’ve now been to about 6 or 7 different escape rooms and this was the most charming and hand crafted space. Walking around inside the puzzle was like being on set for A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Snow White. Every detail was carefully thought out and executed beautifully. It was super fun and the staff were friendly, accommodating, and helpful. Five people is the perfect number to complete this puzzle.
Erik DackanderErik Dackander
17:11 13 Sep 23
Have done many escape rooms, and this is probably the visually coolest room. Everything is handmade and really feels like a piece of art. Especially the Dream Portal felt like magic!Mechanical wise, it is also very good, maybe on the slightly easier side compared to average. I think the rooms would be perfect for families as well as any group of friends.
Daniel OlssonDaniel Olsson
02:21 12 Sep 23
Cool and immersive escape rooms with fun mechanics. We played both the ice cave and the dream portal and they are both very gorgeous with unique twists
Kate BKate B
18:05 11 Sep 23
Such a cool place and had a great time for my daughter's 8th birthday. Even though we ultimately failed, the staff is so nice and amazing and showed so much kindness during our shameful defeat. 100% would return.
Katie LandryKatie Landry
14:50 11 Sep 23
Awesome escape room! Very magical and great story. The gentleman that was there as our host stayed in character when we asked for help and it just made it 100 times better! Thank you for an awesome night!
Brennan SarichBrennan Sarich
22:48 10 Sep 23
Excellent themes and location, and everyone on our team had fun. We did the ice cave with seven people and it still felt like everyone got to do something different.
Jessica WilsonJessica Wilson
18:43 10 Sep 23
Had a great experience hosting a kid’s birthday party here. The staff were engaging and the escape room experience was filled with creative thinking and team work.
Kairo KirkKairo Kirk
21:40 09 Sep 23
We had such an amazing time here!! The staff were friendly and helpful, the room absolutely gorgeous and well thought out. It was entertaining for all 5 of us and was exactly the right level of challenge we needed! Can’t wait to do the other room!
Fiona AuFiona Au
17:03 09 Sep 23
Honestly don't be fooled by the small hallway and basement stairs to get into the escape room center. The experience in the room itself was unreal. We booked the dream portal room and I was transported to another world. I couldn't believe everything was hand made by the team/local artists. I genuinely don't think I was participating in escaping the room as there was a lot of little details to be amazed by. The storyteller herself made us feel like we were really part of the story.Very well done and I can't wait to go back for ice cave.
Stephan LyonnaisStephan Lyonnais
14:34 05 Sep 23
We loved the experience. It was not death and gore and it was a lot of fun. More interactive than lots of other escape rooms. Excellent staff too.
Books BookclubBooks Bookclub
19:52 04 Sep 23
A lot of fun--the details really made it a beautiful, immersive experience, and the puzzles differed from some of the other escape rooms we've tried. Rather than relying on a series of physical locks opened by combinations of letters and/or numbers, the Daydream adventure that we did moved to the next steps once previous ones were accomplished. We certainly appreciated the change!The downside was the delay between finishing a stage and starting the next. We'd have everything in the right configuration, and then we'd often have to wait about 10 seconds to see if we had done the right thing. Not only did that create uncertainty about what we had done, but it also used up time. 10 seconds at each stage adds up, especially when we then spent time listening to the narrative.The narrative was a great element, making the whole escape room into a story. However, for the adventure we did, the narrative was a bit weak. I won't give anything away, but we did not trust the narrator, meaning that we questioned why we were following the instructions given, even though it was the only way to progress through the room.Still, Daydream Adventures delivered a fun, immersive, and dreamy escape room. The staff were fantastic--helpful, kind, and enthusiastic. We did have a good time.
Ingrid DouziechIngrid Douziech
22:20 02 Sep 23
Best escape room ever, highly recommend that you go to ICE CAVE!!! Lots of cool lights. Also the dream portal was great! Very creative, beautiful sets, and puzzles were interactive and hands on. Not just combination locks. Great for adults and kids.
Michael SMichael S
18:42 31 Aug 23
Completed "The Dream Portal" in August of 2023 at Daydream Adventures. Daydream has a wonderful staff who are quite helpful. The location itself is very humid on a summer afternoon (it's located in a basement). The set design is unbelievable and there's some real care put into the props and the puzzles. The hint system is extremely clever and fun. The room would benefit from an audio upgrade (hard to hear) and perhaps some visual cues to assist with the linear steps of the room. Looking forward to trying other rooms at this location.
Ali SharifAli Sharif
23:22 30 Aug 23
Charlene FlokstraCharlene Flokstra
01:42 30 Aug 23
Beautifully crafted escape room. The puzzles were logical and great for kids too!
Miranda BurrellMiranda Burrell
23:17 27 Aug 23
Awesome experience for a birthday celebration!! Great atmosphere and staff were super friendly and welcoming!!
Charlotte SchwartzCharlotte Schwartz
15:47 27 Aug 23
I booked my kids into the 'ice cave' escape room at Daydream Adventures and they LOVED it. The whole booking process was super smooth - online, no annoying phone calls, payment processed online, all available timeslots and group sizes shown - super easy. There were quite a few options to choose from but the kids had heard about this specific one and really wanted to go. They will definitely be back to try another escape room at Daydream Adventures - thanks for a great time!
Vidya MenonVidya Menon
11:42 26 Aug 23
Had a great time doing the Dream Portal adventure with our niece and nephew (12 and 10 respectively). Of all the escape rooms I've done in Toronto, this one was among the best. I really enjoyed how the puzzles were woven into the storyline, and the set design was excellent. The puzzles were at a good difficulty level for the kids, with some hints, but still enjoyable for the adults. I'd like to go back and try the Ice Cave adventure at some point!
Krysta GutteridgeKrysta Gutteridge
01:12 22 Aug 23
Such a creative, fun, and challenging experience! We took our kids (11 & 12), worked as a team and we managed to get out of the room with 5 minutes to spare! Great time and worth the $$.
19:43 17 Aug 23
So much fun!! I went with two younger kids (8-9 years old) and they had such a blast in the Dream portal escape room. It wasn’t too challenging for them, and the team gave clever hints to not give too much away when we needed them. The space itself is so gorgeous, you feel so disconnected from the world. The sound effects and storyline were really captivating. All that to say we couldn’t stop talking about it when we left!! 10/10 would recommend for all age groups!!
Keerthana SKeerthana S
21:13 13 Aug 23
I have been to many escape rooms, Daydream adventure was different compared to other ones.I was transported into a world of mystery and intrigue. The attention to detail in the decor and props was impeccable, setting the stage for an immersive're seeking an interactive and immersive form of entertainment that challenges your intellect and bonds you with friends or family. This daydream adventures escape rooms are an absolute must-try. They provide an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, test your problem-solving skills, and create lasting memories."The escape room staff were friendly and helpful, striking a perfect balance between offering assistance when needed and letting us discover solutions on our own. Their enthusiasm added to the overall experience and made the adventure even more enjoyable.We tried the dream portal but we ran out of time before we could complete as we arrived late. Hoping to try their ice cave room.
Sarah AbulenciaSarah Abulencia
02:57 06 Aug 23
We (a party of 4) did the Dream Portal escape room. It was absolutely beautiful!! You are fully transported to a magical forest. The puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty, and the game masters are always attentive if you need a little bit more assistance. The staff were all so friendly. We will definitely be back to try out the Ice Cave!
Lorna BoLorna Bo
19:16 05 Aug 23
a brilliant tucked-away escape room!! we did the dream portal with 4 people and managed it well within the hour. it wasn't too difficult but the real highlight was how much care and time had clearly been put into all the hand-crafted decorations by the artists.
Katie SokalskyKatie Sokalsky
14:36 02 Aug 23
Do not miss this escape room! The best escape room we have ever done. There are no padlocks - everything you have to unlock has complex systems to solve the puzzles. And both rooms as BEAUTIFUL. The most amazing artist installations - with great stories to match the experience.
N. PierceN. Pierce
11:26 02 Aug 23
As soon as you open the front door, you are taken into a world of art and creativity. It is unlike any other escape room we have visited, since the entire experience is magical.For those wondering if they should take their children, we took our 6 year old with us to the Ice Cave. Although he showed fear at some points, he made it through and loved it. It was his highlight of our Toronto trip.The staff were very friendly and accommodating. Such a pleasure to work with them.The Ice Cave was challenging, yet fun. It provokes great communication with your team.We highly recommend a visit.
Sinuhe VazquezSinuhe Vazquez
18:39 27 Jul 23
I came with my family, it was our first time doing a scape room and we have so much fun, the folks at the front desk help us a to solve the puzzle cause we have so much trouble with translation (we speak Spanish) so we’re thankful they were very, very nice. The story and the room was beautiful!! We did the Magic Forest one!! And everyone in our family enjoy it! Very interactive!! And once again the front desk were so nice!!! We appreciate them!!
Raph GarneauRaph Garneau
13:45 18 Jul 23
This was by far the best escape the room I have ever been to. The complexity of the puzzles was just right for the time allotted and it was very clear what we were supposed to do. We did the « Dream portal » one and the room was STUNNING. The level of effort put in by artists to create the space is amazing, we felt as if we were truly transported in a magical forest! The staff was absolutely lovely, everyone we spoke to was extremely kind and accommodating. This is one of the most magical, whimsical experiences in Toronto and I highly recommend it to everyone.
Clark VClark V
16:45 17 Jul 23
This place is fantastic and the staff are fun and helpful. I took our three kids (4, 8, 12) and they were all able to participate. I was really blown away by how creative the puzzles were and the overall story. We did the Dream Portal room. Highly recommend!!
Jo CanningJo Canning
17:53 05 Jul 23
I have never done an escape room before and suspect that this experience has probably set the bar extremely high! We did the Dream Portal and the room was beautifully crafted with an incredibly imaginative and compelling storyline with clues that we found quite tricky to solve (probably because we were utter newbies). Our gamemaster Cole was exceptional at giving just the right amount of help and guidance, even though we were quite stubborn in not wanting to ask for help...even when we clearly needed it! Highly, Highly recommended for all ages and suspect that kids as well as adults would find this to be a magical experience. Thanks for a great trip to another world!
annabelle phillionannabelle phillion
16:41 28 Jun 23
I am an experienced player and I 100% recommend it. Most beautiful escape rooms I have ever been to. So original and creative. The stories are original and all the tech worked flawlessly. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. Their attention to detail and the time/energy they put into this place made this a truly amazing experience.
Bachelor FantakeBachelor Fantake
22:14 23 Jun 23
My brother and I did both rooms and they were exceptional! We’ve done many rooms across Toronto and the GTA and these were amongst the best.Seasoned escape room fans will find the puzzles fair and challenging while the visuals are top notch. We were able to complete both with 2 people and without hints but there are unlimited hints so don’t be intimidated if you are newer to escape rooms.Rarely does a place get me excited to go and write a review but this was one of those places. My brother and I both thought the Ice Cave room in particular was fantastic.
Cristina MCristina M
19:19 18 Jun 23
This was a pretty cool escape room (Ice Cave) that we did with the kids. I liked how even the kids were able to find clues and as a family we all contributed. The Ice Cave room we were in wasn’t as cold as I imaged so rest assured it’s a comfortable temperature. The design was pretty cool as well and lots of surprising fun elements. When you get to Daydream Adventures the location doesn’t seem like much from the outside or even at the reception, however staff are super friendly, professional and made us comfortable throughout the whole experience. The room itself is fantastic and an escape to try! Highly recommend.
Alexandra CohenAlexandra Cohen
02:23 15 Jun 23
We did the Ice Cave and there was not a single traditional lock in the entire room and it was awesome! I loved how immersive it felt and the how unique the puzzles were. The people are so nice and love to share how everything works (once you solve the puzzle). I wish we had more time to go back and do the other room.
Rishma LRishma L
04:35 03 Jun 23
Absolutely amazing! We were a group of 5 and did the Ice Cave Adventure. The design is stunning and the puzzles are fantastic. If I could give this 10 stars I would, it was that good!
Jamie LucasJamie Lucas
18:38 13 Mar 23
This place is amazing!!! You must go with your kids. We had so much fun and the set design and puzzles were so well done. They do drop hints if you’re getting too lost. I would have been really disappointed if we didn’t finish in time. We will be coming back.
Ryan CRyan C
14:00 17 Dec 22
Perfect experience for us! We were greeted with friendly staff, able to start on time, and they let us play a few minutes extra which was just enough for us to get out. The room was whimsical and designed beautifully (hand made art work), and we felt really immersed in the story. The staff were enthusiastic and seemed to love what they do; they took pictures for us afterwards in the room too. I love that they opened earlier than most escape rooms. We had a great time and plan to come back to try the other room. Highly recommend!
Brandon HoBrandon Ho
17:08 05 Dec 22
Did the ice cave room this past week, and WOW. Such an intricate set and pretty cool puzzles. It was really cool to see as an interactive art installation. Very interesting props, fun technology and really cool lighting. Puzzles were pretty good, not the hardest room out there, but our team is quite experienced. The whole vibe of the establishment was made even better by the two employees whose names escape me right now, they were very passionate and enthusiastic! We will definitely come back to do the other room this season.
Julia AgrisJulia Agris
16:55 03 Nov 22
Beautiful set and even the lobby/washroom area is well thought out! You can really feel the effort that went into designing and building the rooms and props. The staff is friendly as well and their hint system is pretty cute.My group of 6 did the Dream Portal room, and it did feel like that number was too big (a lot of bodies in the initial smaller space). Some of the puzzles are new and different which is refreshing to see! It's definitely an easier room for more advanced players (we got out in 35 minutes) but we enjoyed every moment of it!
17:41 23 Oct 22
Amazing experience! Went there with a group of 7 (mix of kids and adults) in the Dream Portal room and was a great adventure - truly immersive with the quality of all materials/objects at the highest level. Great puzzles to solve and loved the technical integration. Highly recommend and we'll be back to do the other room for sure!!
Jesse MagallanesJesse Magallanes
16:23 19 Oct 22
We had such an amazing time at this escape room yesterday! The decor in the dream portal was out of this world...we almost didn't want to escape it haha. We got out with 10 minutes to spare but we were hustling hard! Lots of puzzles that we hadn't seen or experienced at other escape rooms. We left feeling great and we can't wait to try the ice cave one next! Highly recommend.
Jacob LickersJacob Lickers
19:46 13 Sep 22
We played the Dream Portal room and had an awesome time. The production quality is very high - the room looks great, incorporates a lot of interactivity through lights, sound and sensors, has a good mix of puzzles, and it all worked flawlessly with no glitches. As a group that has played a lot of escape rooms, we found it to be on the easier side but still very enjoyable. Would probably be a great first experience for someone new to escape rooms.
Brandon CheungBrandon Cheung
22:04 05 Sep 22
Super cool experience! My girlfriend brought me here for my birthday and we had a blast in the Enchanted Forest. Very interactive and some really cool art installations. Will likely come back to try the Ice Caves!
20:22 05 Sep 22
Super amazing place! everything was so beautiful and looked like it was right out of a fairy tale. My party and I had a great time doing the Forest and are considering coming back for the Icebox! staff was super friendly! Overall great experience if you have an hour to kill and want something fun to do that puts your brain to work!
David SookramDavid Sookram
01:41 03 Sep 22
Daydream Adventures is a really amazing experience. It can sometimes difficult to entertain two teenagers but Daydream escape rooms have managed to pull it off. We visited as a family of four and we absolutely loved the set up. The staff is really helpful and involved. They obviously take pride in the job/role they are in. Everything is relevant and you do not need to be Albert Einstein to figure out the clues. My teen girls were so immersed and had so much fun. I would definitely be making another visit to Daydream Adventures.
Rob LeveilleRob Leveille
16:52 23 Aug 22
Every part of this experience was magical - from descending into their lobby to the debriefs at the end - and of course everything in between.Their sets are stunning, the stories whimsical and engaging, and the puzzles clever, fair and on theme. The team at Daydream has accomplished a most wonderful world-building; every part of the experience draws you into their magical world hidden beneath a bustling city.I have played upwards of a hundred rooms (and design/build them myself): this was one of the most enjoyable escape experiences that I have encountered. Every note felt right. I look forward to whatever else they have in store.
Paddy TreacyPaddy Treacy
06:05 01 Aug 22
I went for an Escape Room adventure with a group of four total including myself (all in our 30s). We absolutely loved the experience! Such a fun time and can’t wait to come back for the next one!It was my first escape room experience and from what I hear, this place has spoiled me! Such a fun experience I have told all my friends already!The staff were pleasant, helpful, & funny! Really can’t say enough how great this place is. Super engrossing and super fun! Definitely recommend.
Mel KaraMel Kara
21:25 15 Jul 22
We loved it here the staff were very kind and helpful during the whole time we were there. The rooms were well decorated and the puzzles were very clever. My 4 and 7 year old had so much fun. They didn’t get bored at all. All in all we had fun and probably go to the ice cube room as well in the near future. Thanks to the staff who made our time there fun.
Steph ChengSteph Cheng
23:15 27 May 22
Dream Portal was one of the best Escape Rooms I’ve ever gone to! It was very creative, immersive, interactive, beautifully designed, and fitting to its magical theme. I appreciate the quality of the production, as it was all done by hand with the contributions from their entire team! The whole experience was enjoyable, family friendly, and all the puzzles were logical. I would definitely recommend this room to everyone who’s looking for a Dream Adventure! Looking forward to the Ice Cave!
Myanna HansenMyanna Hansen
03:44 27 May 22
My girlfriend and I had a wonderful date night at Daydream Adventures. Our third person had to cancel, but the room was totally manageable with two people. The atmosphere was so well done and the staff were very kind. I appreciated that they allowed us an extra 10 minutes to complete the room. This is the 6th escape room we've done and probably my favourite- definitely the best visual design. While the puzzles weren't as difficult as some other places, we still needed a few hints. It was the right amount of challenge and intrigue. We can't wait to come back to explore the ice cave!
William KingWilliam King
15:03 27 Mar 22
One of the best escape rooms I've ever been too! The puzzles were cleverly designed and there was a wide variety of different puzzles so it didn't feel repetitive at all! The story and the aesthetic of the room was so unique and beautiful. Would absolutely recommend this place for anyone considering it or looking for something fun to do
Tia LeeTia Lee
21:06 27 Dec 21
This was honestly the best escape room experience I've had and I've done many many escape rooms before. The atmosphere was mystical and not scary (the artwork were done by local artists! Super cool.) The puzzles were creative and had a good logical flow - we were able to escape without staff hints. It was one of my friend's first escape room ever and it set a very high bar for sure! Victoria (the staff) was also very friendly and when the new room opens I will definitely come back for another amazing experience.

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