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Canada’s Greatest Escape Room for Kids

escape room for kids

Many people are hesitant to try an escape room because of a big misconception that escape rooms are scary. Themes can vary but it is generally a fun, safe activity. Daydream Adventures designs family friendly games. Another worry is about being locked in. That’s a huge misconception and should never happen in any escape room in Canada (that’s dangerous and illegal!). Since we’re talking about an online escape room, there should be absolutely no concern about being locked in. Why not give it a try?

What in the WORLD is an Online Escape Room?

Online Escape Room through Zoom

It was a tough moment when escape rooms had to lock up their rooms and close to keep everyone safe. Surprisingly, 2020 became a year of huge innovations for escape games. Daydream Adventures, like many other companies, launched The Witch’s Forest – an immersive online escape room that you can play from home!