Welcome Adventurers! Our magic portal is open once again!

The safety of our team and visitors is our priority. If you have any questions or concerns about these procedures please contact us.

Private games only:

you will not play with strangers; we trust that teams are visiting with friends or family in their social circles.

Advance bookings only:

you must book online or over the phone; walk-in customers are not welcome at this time.

Masks are mandatory:

in accordance with Toronto bylaws, everyone must wear a mask during the entire experience.

Hand-washing is mandatory:

everyone must clean their hands before and after their experience; proper hand-washing with soap and water is recommended but hand sanitizer is acceptable.

Payment online only:

payments must be made at time of booking; contact us if you are unable to pay online.

We will be adding more time between games to ensure proper cleaning and guarantee no interaction between groups.

Our store entrance will be locked. There will be clear instructions sent with your booking confirmation and posted on the door for entry.

After each group leaves and before a new group enters, we will sanitize surfaces in common areas and high contact items in the game.

Our staff will be wearing masks and practicing physical distancing for all interactions before and after the game. We ask that you respect their space.

You will be required to leave a phone number or email address for your booking. This is important for contact tracing purposes, should the need arise.

Why choose Daydream Adventures?

Aside from our magical experience, we are confident that your team will be safe from interactions with strangers. We are operating 1 escape room at our facility. This means during your visit, it will only be your team and our staff in the store. We ask that you practice physical distancing only with our staff. Your team will need to clean your hands, wear masks and enjoy our magic! This is an escape room you don’t want to escape from.