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Enchanted Forest Escape Room

Dream Portal

Now, brave adventurers, can you...

unravel the witch’s dark magic to free the forest spirits?

An Enchanted Forest Escape Room

A meteorite has struck the Danforth....

...causing multiple portals to open up strange and wonderful worlds! The first of these doorways discovered is a DREAM PORTAL which leads to a magical place - an enchanted forest that’s home to spirits who bring dreams to mortals. This is a realm of only the happiest dreams. But the mischievous witch, Hilda, has taken away all the good magic. The spirits can no longer cast dreams to the human realm. While the witch is away, you can explore the forest.

Now, brave adventurers, can you....

....unravel the Witch's wicked tricks?

36 CAD + TAX
per player
Family Friendly
36 CAD + TAX
per player
Family Friendly

Important Details

The game was designed for a minimum of 3. There are a lot of puzzles to go through, which might be be tough for 2 players to complete on time. If you are up for the challenge, you can definitely do the room with only 2 people. However, we would still require payment for the minimum number of players for the room.

Our escape rooms are suitable for all ages! There are no actors or jump scares inside of the room. However, there might be loud background music or things opening suddenly.

All puzzles are definitely solvable! We also provide unlimited hints to make sure that players get through as much of the game as possible.

In case of a cancellation, we will be charging the card on file in full. However, those funds are kept as an in-store credit that can be used any time for any of the games.


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Daydream Adventures
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Kelly ConderKelly Conder
21:00 12 Jul 24
Very impressive - challenging clues and beautiful artwork 😊
Mattie KerriganMattie Kerrigan
20:27 11 Jul 24
Julie LeRoyJulie LeRoy
19:43 11 Jul 24
Very immersive!! Great puzzles!! Had a lot of fun! 😊😊
Laura ShaverLaura Shaver
21:53 09 Jul 24
Loved it. It was so great we stayed and did the second room too. So much better than a regular puzzle based escape room. Once the door closes you are transported into that world - not a single detail missed. There was so much to explore! Totally worth it 😃
13:35 09 Jul 24
Long overdue review, visited back way back in December with a group of 4, one first timer to "The Ice Cave". One of the best escape rooms I've done! Definitely one of the best looking, the only one I think that compared would have had a much higher budget as everything at Daydream is made in house. What I really liked about the experience was the linearity; we pretty much worked as a team every step of the way, there is no real divide and conquer like some other rooms. My only tiny nitpick would be this may be too easy for those that are very experienced with escape rooms, but as someone who is I still enjoyed it very much due as the teamwork focus and easy to follow story (something that is usually a shortcoming in most rooms). Could not recommend this enough for those who have not been to an escape room and want to see what they are all about, although this may spoil you for all others!
Angela ZongAngela Zong
12:05 09 Jul 24
Love the story and the interior design
Michael MancusoMichael Mancuso
11:03 07 Jul 24
What a great multigenerational adventure! Grandkids, our kids all had a great time. The Dream Portal was a great choice for all of us.Beautifully decorated, clean, and perfect for our ages 8 - 73. Staff are friendly, helpful , and professional. Rated the best escape room ever by all.
Nathan de RusheNathan de Rushe
01:26 07 Jul 24
Fatema JahanFatema Jahan
00:26 07 Jul 24
Went there to celebrate my birthday and had sooo much fun!!! First of all, it’s very aesthetically pleasing from the moment you walk through the entrance. We did the Ice Cave room and it was really cool. We had to solve about 5-7 obstacles and each of them were very well thought out!! The staff were super helpful and friendly too!! Sadly we ran out of time on the last obstacle but we still had a great time!! Will definitely come back for the fantasy room!
14:58 05 Jul 24
Great escape room! Amazing employees, very helpful and kind. Escape room was beautiful and artistic. The area has only street parking.
Sarah BrazeauSarah Brazeau
13:56 04 Jul 24
Beautiful escape room, really creative concept
Francis ClémentFrancis Clément
14:55 03 Jul 24
Really immersive experience with beautiful decors with a magical theme that gives us a breath pf fresh air compared to other escape rooms and the staff was very kind and helpfull
Sarah PalmerSarah Palmer
12:59 03 Jul 24
I've been to Daydream Adventures twice, and both times had a great time! The rooms are challenging - but in good way! - as the puzzles are less predictable than other escape rooms I've done. The rooms themselves are also works of art. Definitely a unique escape room experience and worth a visit!
00:38 02 Jul 24
Fay EdwardsFay Edwards
17:18 01 Jul 24
What a magical experience! Being transported into the beautifully handcrafted ice cave was enchanting- no detail was overlooked. Its a brilliant way to spend time with family while admiring a true piece of art. This is a must do/see experience and we can't wait to do it again!
Michael HuynhMichael Huynh
13:24 01 Jul 24
Decoration and narrative very beautifully done. Got immerse in it very fast. We loved it.
Jelena LeungJelena Leung
02:17 30 Jun 24
So well done and perfect for kids!
Alla GrigoryanAlla Grigoryan
01:54 30 Jun 24
Cynthia DennisCynthia Dennis
22:24 29 Jun 24
This was so much fun! The kids loved it! (And so did the grown ups). 10/10 recommend!
Samantha PayneSamantha Payne
12:37 27 Jun 24
Awesome! Very well done, we will be back to try the ice cave next time.
Jayden KatherineJayden Katherine
13:09 26 Jun 24
Saw the place on TikTok, travelled up from Alberta for a visit and decided to check it out.. very happy we did!! We’ve done regular escape rooms in the past and this was the first one we escaped without having to do twice!! (Doesn’t mean it’s easy though) we BARELY made it out and they let us stay in a couple mins longer just to see us escape🥹 I would recommend Daydream Adventures to anyone in the area, or anyone planning to travel this way!! We’re definitely going to go back and do the other room before we leave, the story line is great and the ladies running it are AMAZING!!
Irene FunesIrene Funes
12:51 24 Jun 24
Shirley LauShirley Lau
23:49 23 Jun 24
Amazing escape room. Very nice and hand crafted design by local artists .
Janet AmosJanet Amos
13:23 23 Jun 24
19:39 22 Jun 24
Staff are lovely and the rooms are so fun!! Great place for a fun afternoon 🙂
Nida KhawajaNida Khawaja
15:14 20 Jun 24
Really beautiful escape room. The design and art work was phenomenal and pretty. Difficulty of the escape room was medium and staff is supportive and welcoming. I wish the escape room was bigger given how amazing the art is and to have more to see and do. Would recommend trying this out.
cole canningcole canning
00:21 17 Jun 24
Susan VasarhelyiSusan Vasarhelyi
23:57 16 Jun 24
Such am amazing experience. Easy enough for my 11 and 13 year olds to be challenged, but hard enough for me and my partner to find it hard enough to answer some of the riddles. Fun all around!
Ciian JohnsonCiian Johnson
13:33 16 Jun 24
Jennifer MartinJennifer Martin
19:37 15 Jun 24
Maria DMaria D
20:13 14 Jun 24
Swastika ChatterjeeSwastika Chatterjee
15:38 14 Jun 24
I visited daydream adventures with my office colleagues and tried the dream portal game. It was an enjoyable experience. The art installations throughout the game are pretty cool. The game hosts were very helpful and kind enough to let us complete the game. They genuinely wanted us to complete the entire game, which was really sweet. I recommend this place for a good time!
Faye QuebrarFaye Quebrar
13:05 10 Jun 24
Amazing staff and fun experience! We did the dream portal with my family of 3. We didn’t get to finish the game but we had a great time and hope to come back again.
Jennifer McWilliamsJennifer McWilliams
12:48 10 Jun 24
We did Ice Cave and it was really fun! I loved all the lighting effects. I’d say minimum 4 people to really do this one.
Liubomyr LukaniukLiubomyr Lukaniuk
02:40 09 Jun 24
Great room, very good staff. Thanks for being great!
Maria PapadopoulosMaria Papadopoulos
22:31 07 Jun 24
18:27 07 Jun 24
My friends and I played the Ice Cave and it was so much fun. The room was a bit chilly to further immerse us into the backstory. It was solvable within the hour and we even had a bit of time after to take pictures and spend some more time in the room!! Very well designed and the staff were very nice and welcoming!!
Vlad UshkvarokVlad Ushkvarok
14:31 07 Jun 24
Heather PyneHeather Pyne
00:10 03 Jun 24
Such a fun experience! The attention to detail in the rooms was impressive. My 10 year old son was able to participate, so good for older kids too.
Erik de KroonErik de Kroon
23:48 01 Jun 24
If you like Escape rooms you should definitely visit this one, very fun to do. Everything is handmade and that makes it more unique, crew is very helpful.
Jasmit KaurJasmit Kaur
18:39 01 Jun 24
Daydream Adventures was such a fun experience for me and my friends. The staff was amazing and kind. The escape room itself was so fun and the immersive experience is something no other escape rooms offer. 10/10 recommend!
Ruth TCRuth TC
00:27 01 Jun 24
Amazing experience highly recommend! Took a group of tweens for a birthday party and they had a blast. They are already talking about going back to try the other escape room experience.
J. MacDonaldJ. MacDonald
20:00 31 May 24
So much more immersive than most escape rooms. You can tell a lot of care went into the setting and the story. We will return for the other one.
navleen johalnavleen johal
16:21 31 May 24
Me and my two friends went for the Dream Portal escape room and it was genuinely the best experience I’ve had with an escape room (and we’ve managed a couple!). We were told that Daydream Adventures is a cross between an escape room and an art exhibition, with each aspect of the rooms handcrafted by local Toronto artists, and you can immediately notice the level of detail put into every single part of the room. Each room is beautiful, and the staff encourage pictures and videos. The Dream Portal was definitely more interactive than other places we’ve been to as well, and instead of a generic ipad where you get a limited number of hints, we were given an adorable talking book that allowed us to ask as many questions as we wanted. Staff were incredibly helpful any time we got stuck, and their narration helped keep the experience fun! We also showed up a little late, and staff were incredibly kind and allowed us the full hour in the room anyway 🙂 If anyone is looking for a great way to hang out with friends or embark on their own journey through mystical lands, I can’t recommend Daydream Adventures enough.
Ghanshyam DwivediGhanshyam Dwivedi
15:17 31 May 24
Amazing tiny little two escape rooms. Friendly staff and a great spot for hanging out with your friends and family.
Andrew CampbellAndrew Campbell
02:17 28 May 24
Second visit, this time for the forest room with our eight year old daughter. Lots of fun and challenges, very worthwhile and great family fun. Not scary or inappropriate for kids.
Macaulay MauroMacaulay Mauro
16:40 27 May 24
Absolutely unforgettable experience. Very grateful for the staffs flexibility in accommodating our school group. Students have already requested to come back!
Sarah WheelerSarah Wheeler
22:05 26 May 24
Beautiful art installation that is also fun escape rooms. Highly recommend.
Sara FlichtSara Flicht
16:31 26 May 24
I took my partner and siblings to the ice cave and it was awesome. The amount of detail and care put into the room and the experience was the best I’ve ever seen from an escape room. The story was very interesting and unique, and the immersive aspect made everything that much more enjoyable.Thanks for such a great time! We’ll be back.
Krissa RichmondKrissa Richmond
04:16 26 May 24
Loved it !! It was difficult but very fun and all the art was beautiful we loved how interactive it was !! Definitely will be back to conquer the ice cave
21:38 25 May 24
Absolutely fantastic experience! The staff were amazing and exceptional storytellers, bringing the escape room to life with their enthusiasm and creativity. The escape room (The Ice Cave) itself was incredibly well made, with intricate details and a beautifully crafted environment that fully immersed us in the adventure. Highly recommend!
Richelle GallantRichelle Gallant
15:49 25 May 24
We're a team of Escape Room employees and we had the best time in the Dream Portal!! Great puzzles, lots of creative non-lock based solutions and the immersion here is fabulous. Hands down one of the best escapes we've been too!
Ghazale Amel ZendehdelGhazale Amel Zendehdel
04:13 25 May 24
Dennis QDennis Q
01:36 25 May 24
What an awesome escape room experience! The room is beautiful and very immersive. I wish I had more time just to look at all the details. The puzzles were tough but the clues were just enough where your team could figure it out. Very interactive and satisfying. Will definitely visit again!
Katherine M.Katherine M.
02:18 21 May 24
So much fun! Came for my daughters 9th birthday and had so much fun. We needed some hints along the way but enjoyed ourselves throughly in the dream portal!
jamie downardjamie downard
22:54 20 May 24
Such an amazing time. Went as a group of five with my two kids 4 and 8. They had SO much fun. Puzzles are hard for the kids but with help they were able to get it. We did the dream portal and it was so magical. Definitely will be back again. Highly recommend. Best escape room I've been too. Way more in depth with props etc. Loved it
Mo MohamadMo Mohamad
16:05 20 May 24
My son and I had a great time in the ice cave. The puzzles were entertaining and it was a lot fun for the both of us. Some puzzles were challenging but the the staff was always available to give us a clue (or two lol) to help us complete the mission. I would recommend this to everyone and for all ages.
Michael WilsonMichael Wilson
02:19 20 May 24
Me and my friends had a really great experience while we were there. The service was great and the rooms were very cool!!!
Preetal MakanPreetal Makan
01:46 20 May 24
The escape room was exquisitely created! It was a lot of fun!
Brittany LappBrittany Lapp
12:19 19 May 24
We had so much fun at Daydream. The staff were great and the creativity of the room was amazing. Highly recommend.
Stacey PondStacey Pond
22:53 18 May 24
Amanpreet GrewalAmanpreet Grewal
22:52 18 May 24
Came here with my sisters for a fun day out! Was greeted with lovely, energetic and friendly staff. We were offered a locker for our belongings as well as hooks for any coats or jackets we may have had.What we loved most about the expirience was that the staff member who was verbally guiding us through the escape room prior to starting remained in character throughout. From the moment we walked into the building the staff members treat these rooms as they are: magnificent, magical and out of this world. The staff members ability to remain within character throughout really made this expirience one of a kind.We selected the Ice cave as our escape room option. And to say that it was like no other escape room we’ve been to before would be an understatement. This escape room was brilliant. It required a lot of team work, critical thinking and patience. But with the right attitude it could be done. However, it should be noted that if you need help you have access to employees throughout the your game time (we made very good use of this!). The props and tools used in this escape room were simply one of a kind and I would genuinely recommend anyone who loves a challenge, an artistic one at that, to visit this escape room.Overall after much discussion with my sisters and back and forth about who liked what more. We give Daydream Adventures a solid 10/10! We plan on coming back to try the Dream Portal escape room next!Can’t wait to be back! Keep up the amazing work!
Taryn and Erik WhiteTaryn and Erik White
17:28 18 May 24
Amal RanaAmal Rana
15:16 18 May 24
Honestly the best escape room I’ve been too!! If I had time I would have stayed for the second one. The puzzles are very unique and creative compared to other escape rooms out there.
RbN FreedumRbN Freedum
18:46 17 May 24
Amazing experience, the room was so detailed and the puzzles were really comprehensive and well thought out. The options to get help were great and so was the staff.
Natalie BeatonNatalie Beaton
13:41 16 May 24
My team blitzed both escape rooms in one day, and enjoyed the experience.The two staff members were very polite and welcoming.The intro for the rooms were sufficient to get you started.Really appreciate the handcraftedness of the props and set design.The rooms themselves are fairly linear as I don't recall there being multiple puzzles we could work on at the same time, minus one moment in the Woods.Puzzles are interactive and use more than just lock/key systems which was a nice touch.Rooms weren't challenging but kept you engaged. Only criticism would be there was sometimes awkward delays waiting for the prompts in the ice cave.Overall we'd recommend both rooms.
Sandra J MariaSandra J Maria
17:06 14 May 24
Jenny HarrisJenny Harris
11:55 14 May 24
An amazing experience! The staff was so nice and the puzzles were tricky yet fun!
Lyndsay McLeodLyndsay McLeod
20:37 12 May 24
Tasneem EssajiTasneem Essaji
12:54 12 May 24
The staff were amazing with the kids. Endlessly patient and helpful. The kids had a blast. Was a fantastic birthday experience for my son.
Nabeen AhmedNabeen Ahmed
19:37 08 May 24
Really enjoyed my experience at the Ice Cave! Was hesitant because of the high price tag ($38) but it was definetly worth it!
Machaiah DunlopMachaiah Dunlop
16:59 08 May 24
We came in December for my friend’s birthday. It was an amazing experience! From the moment you step in the front doors, the environment is surreal! Even the washrooms are beautiful lol. The staff were SUPER kind, friendly, and welcoming, and had great energy. The immersive art experience was also very cool! Everything felt real. I am a Game Master at an escape room myself, and I highly recommend.
Christine CampbellChristine Campbell
12:58 08 May 24
Incredible! I own a haunted attraction so I really appreciate the amount of work which has gone in to the art of this place. The story was well connected and everything was visually stunning. A must see!
perla wazenperla wazen
03:16 06 May 24
Melissa SearsMelissa Sears
22:02 05 May 24
8 girls for a 10th birthday, didn't escape but had a great experience! Well designed. Will go back to try the second room.
Sana AsadSana Asad
15:30 05 May 24
Dream Portal was a beautiful escape room made by local artists. However, a lot of the challenges were buggy and required the staff to click us through despite being done correctly. Unfortunately this led to us wasting time and ultimately we didn’t complete the room. After looking at the reviews - we realized we were being gaslit the whole time.
Martin BryanMartin Bryan
03:21 05 May 24
Very beautiful! But glitchy. We called in twice and they had to unlock the next clue for us because two of the mechanisms weren’t working properly. When we talked about it with them, they confirmed there were some mechanical errors. But overall had a BLAST and I still recommend. The Toronto artists did an amazing job! They just need to work on some of the electrical things. Very very fun.
Adam WennemanAdam Wenneman
01:39 05 May 24
Staff all super nice, Ice Cave was a beautiful and well done room. Will be back to try Dream Portal!
Amy McGuireAmy McGuire
00:38 05 May 24
Had a great time. This was my first escape room. We had an absolute blast figuring out all the puzzles together. Only had to use George twice. Very beautiful art installations, great storyline and especially liked the music touch. Would definitely go again to try the Ice Caves.
Rohail CTRohail CT
16:00 02 May 24
Chantelle KidgerChantelle Kidger
13:42 30 Apr 24
Booked Daydream Adventures’ Dream Portal for my daughter’s 16th birthday party. Her and her friends had an incredible experience and raved about the whole experience. There were 7 of them and they made it out with 5 mins to spare with 3 clues. I highly recommend Daydream adventures for a brilliant and memorable experience.
Callie TuckerCallie Tucker
23:50 28 Apr 24
Our group had such a great time at Daydream Adventures. It is such a beautiful, artful space! The challenge was just right, totally immersive and completely enjoyable for all. The group is already planning the next trip to do the other adventure. We did the Dream Portal. Thanks for a great time!
Yeong Mi KimYeong Mi Kim
22:56 28 Apr 24
Steve PSteve P
18:46 28 Apr 24
Ehsan GhassemlouEhsan Ghassemlou
15:15 28 Apr 24
It was fun …
Rowayda KadirRowayda Kadir
14:57 28 Apr 24
Tried the ice cave escape room, and everyone had a great time! The workers were so nice and helpful. Will be back to try the next escape room
Sabrina YoungSabrina Young
22:40 27 Apr 24
Great experience for the kids! The escape rooms were BEAUTIFULLY designed. A bit challenging for them to complete in the alloted time but we would definitely come back here. Highly recommended!
Riva PlonkaRiva Plonka
21:36 26 Apr 24
Brilliant escape room! Super innovative!
Malkie ReichmannMalkie Reichmann
13:39 26 Apr 24
The whole experience from when we entered into the front door until we escaped the magical forest was great! Beautiful artwork, fun lighting, and really helpful game masters added so much to our exciting night out.
Tiana JayatungaTiana Jayatunga
16:19 22 Apr 24
This was probably the most immersive escape room I’ve ever been to. It was quite literally a work of art. We did the dream portal room and it was like being transported into an enchanted forest. The attention to detail was spot on with different parts of the room lighting up as you unlock different clues. I thought the puzzle itself was really well thought out too and gave some really interesting riddles to figure out. I really recommend this escape room, I had so much fun and want to come back to try their other one. Here’s a video of the experience but you can watch the full video on @tianajayatunga or @streetsoftoronto on Instagram.
Kara DawsonKara Dawson
13:57 22 Apr 24
Great birthday fun for four 11-year old boys (and me). Thanks to some helpful tips when requested and thanks to the extra 3 minutes added to the clock, we escaped! Well done Daydream Adventures!
01:16 22 Apr 24
Had a blast at the Daydream Adventures escape room! Our group did The Ice Cave and it was a really immersive experience. The art design and props make you feel like you are on a sci fi movie set and the puzzles were creative and unique. Can’t wait to come back and try the next escape!
MeganK JohnstonMeganK Johnston
20:17 20 Apr 24
Lindsay MarleauLindsay Marleau
13:24 17 Apr 24
Dre C.Dre C.
16:26 16 Apr 24
As a regular and enthusiast of escape rooms, I can confidently say these rooms are absolutely stunning! It's clear there has been a lot of effort put into creating each room. The immersion is a solid 5/5, and the staff are incredibly friendly. It's very interactive, and each game is completely distinct from the others. Highly recommend for an engaging and unique experience!
spencer tothspencer toth
13:45 12 Apr 24
This escape room is insane!! My group of four has done almost every escape room in the city, and this is honestly, our favourite (which says a lot). The attention to detail especially in the Forrest one was absolutely incredible to be a part of. Unlike other escape rooms whefe you simply find codes to unlock things, these puzzles were extremely interactive, and unique. We’ve already done both rooms and wish we could wipe our memories to do them for the first time again!!! This is a MUST for anyone who enjoys art, escape rooms, and teamwork
Beatrice CarlettiBeatrice Carletti
16:43 11 Apr 24
Soooo fun. 🤩 I usually don’t like escape rooms too much cause sometimes they’re cringe but this one was on a different level. The details were so well done. The clues were really cool and the decor was amazing.We did the dream portal room and it was hard enough to challenge us, but the clues really helped us finish it. The whimsical story telling vibe was fun as well. Will have to come back and try the ice cave!!
Wendy ReynoldsWendy Reynolds
20:08 07 Apr 24
The room that we did was beautiful. Challenging puzzles. Great for kids. Highly recommended.
Randy MacleodRandy Macleod
23:33 06 Apr 24
Kids had a great time
Scott LeaScott Lea
16:31 06 Apr 24
Staff was very friendly and helpful, the story and the room was great. (We did ice caves) We’re looking forward to coming back for the second room. Only wish there was more rooms
Victoria KucherVictoria Kucher
12:48 05 Apr 24
Beautifully crafted room, fun and collaborative experience. The staff were very kind and helpful. Photo worthy experience
Dorothea Bailey-LeungDorothea Bailey-Leung
11:27 05 Apr 24
Amazing experience with our 10 and 11 year old kids. The space was truly magical, puzzles challenging, and staff were fantastic! Must go!This was a second visit, a group of 10/11 year olds for a birthday party. The kids were able to get through the puzzle with the help of the great staff. They were helpful, energetic, artistic, and creative. Loved every minute of this! Must visit!
Russell NagleRussell Nagle
00:31 04 Apr 24
Lots of fun. Great staff
Aloha CruzAloha Cruz
13:31 02 Apr 24
The art installations we're incredible! We did the fantasy room where we had to free fairies. My 7 year old got a little spooked and the staff were so so kind. Gave him a little courage bracelet so he was able to keep going.The puzzles were challenging and a lot of fun. Will come back to do the ice room.Thanks to the Daydream adventure team for a wonderful time.
dianaduan718 duandianaduan718 duan
01:05 02 Apr 24
Daniel IvanovDaniel Ivanov
12:18 01 Apr 24
22:44 31 Mar 24
Had a wonderful experience at Daydream Adventures on the Danforth.Went with the family of 5. Will check out the other room in the future.
Wenna DengWenna Deng
19:23 31 Mar 24
So much fun and so aesthetic! They really put a lot of effort into the decorations/design and games. Staff are super friendly too. Will definitely come back for the other game.
Lauren CleggLauren Clegg
21:27 30 Mar 24
We had such a great time. The staff was so amazing - kind and helpful - and the room itself was challenging, creative, fun and engaging. We took my daughter here for her 10th birthday with some friends and all had a fabulous experience. I highly recommend!
Lynne ThibaultLynne Thibault
04:27 27 Mar 24
Had a great time here. My group did the ice cave adventure. Even though we never escaped we still had a great time. We are already planning on doing the next adventure here.
Marin MingMarin Ming
20:04 26 Mar 24
Naomi GreyNaomi Grey
11:41 25 Mar 24
What an amazing experience the Enchanted Forest was! The sets were *so beautiful*, the staff were incredibly friendly and clearly cared about what they were doing. Our teenagers had the best time. Coming back for the Ice Cave!
Allison K ColeAllison K Cole
17:24 24 Mar 24
One of my top 5 escape room experiences-- theming was great, puzzles were fun and the right difficulty for our party.
Darren NorielDarren Noriel
13:12 23 Mar 24
The room and the puzzles were very creative and all the art was hand made by local artist! You can tell they put a lot of care and thought into the rooms. Highly recommend!
Stephanie MalherbeStephanie Malherbe
00:08 21 Mar 24
We had a great time doing the Dream Portal adventure! Highly recommend + the decor is beautiful
Meaghan DoernerMeaghan Doerner
00:31 19 Mar 24
Loved this escape room. It’s all handmade and super fun and creative. It’s definitely not easy and makes you truly think in a different way. ❤️ will be back again!
21:50 18 Mar 24
one of the best escapes rooms ive ever done !!! the room itself was so beautiful and well crafted. all the puzzles were so creative and everything, including george (our wonderful hint giving book friend), was well thought out and whimsical. the staff working were so kind, welcoming and fun 🙂 am definitely coming back to tackle the ice cave !!
Lara RobertsLara Roberts
02:12 17 Mar 24
Susan PSusan P
00:29 17 Mar 24
Excellent! Fun time. My 13 years old and her friends loved it.
Dispatch EmprizeDispatch Emprize
18:51 16 Mar 24
Very enjoyed..
Daniel ArmissDaniel Armiss
01:25 16 Mar 24
Been to many a room in different cities, and had a ton of fun here. Puzzles were the right kind of challenge, and there was a variety of them. Staff were fun and very into it. Entire room was beautiful and all handmade by Toronto artists, it was extremely immersive. Loved it and already planning to return for their other room. Room also worked well!
Sarah YunSarah Yun
20:55 15 Mar 24
I've done both escape rooms that Daydream Adventures offers (Ice Cave and Dream Portal) and both have been fantastic. Extremely well-made and so much fun, and you could really tell that they were designed by someone who enjoys escape rooms, which is unfortunately not always the case at other places. Daydream Adventures is definitely one of my favourite escape rooms in the GTA.
J AggJ Agg
19:53 15 Mar 24
We had a fantastic time at Daydream Adventures! It’s a different and unique experience. They do a great job of including all ages of the those participating. We tried the Ice Cave. Although we didn’t escape, we came soooooo close! Looking forward to trying the Dream Portal next 😃.
Irina ChipiIrina Chipi
11:01 14 Mar 24
Amazing experience! Thank you so much for making it fun, learning and unforgettable for us all we are looking forward to attend the second room 🤗You guys are amazing, children couldn’t fall a sleep they were taking about the room for hours 🤣🤣
Emily GermanEmily German
12:41 13 Mar 24
We had a group of 11 and split up to try both rooms - great reviews all around! The set design is gorgeous and the puzzles were all unique and different from any other escape room I've done! Completely recommend!
Rhonda BickfordRhonda Bickford
20:18 11 Mar 24
So much fun!!
Al GilsonAl Gilson
14:50 11 Mar 24
Finding escape rooms seems to be our new family event. Daydream Adventures is among one of our favourites. The rooms are beautifully crafted and just challenging enough that we needed a few hints. Well done team!
Hannah LuppeHannah Luppe
21:14 09 Mar 24
Daydream Adventures was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday! Staff were all so nice & the design of the Dream Portal escape room was amazing. They even gave us an extra few minutes to solve the last puzzle! Would highly recommend.
Antin HalkevychAntin Halkevych
16:04 08 Mar 24
Great 10th birthday party adventure for my kid and his 5 friends! Absolutely recommend!
Michael DorrisMichael Dorris
13:34 06 Mar 24
16:18 05 Mar 24
Amazing experience! Thanks to Mac & Ethan this was THE best escape room experience we’ve had so far (and we’ve done quite a few!). The decors are incredible and so well put together. The story itself is really well thought. Thanks again Mac! Will definitely be back for Ice Cave when we’re back in Toronto. This is THE place for your escape room in Toronto.
Erin MCErin MC
13:39 05 Mar 24
Our family (including two kids ages 8 and 10) did the caves storyline. It was a lot of fun and trickier than I expected. This was our first escape room experience. We made it to the end but just barely and the kids were really involved. The escape room itself is really well thought out and the design is impressive.
Jeeya KaurJeeya Kaur
00:20 05 Mar 24
The expirence was litrally magical. I love escape rooms but i dont belive me and my freinds have ever had THIS MUCH fun in one. Its truley a one of a kind expirience and i highly reccomend!
Anum KhanAnum Khan
21:40 04 Mar 24
Anirban BiswasAnirban Biswas
15:57 04 Mar 24
Jennifer RosenbaumJennifer Rosenbaum
18:28 03 Mar 24
Beautiful decor, thoughtful puzzles to solve with creative, outside the box thinking. We really appreciated the different learning styles and skills needed to unlock this adventure. The fact that it was set in a stunning and immersive decor was the absolute best. Bravo!
Gustavo Chung SangGustavo Chung Sang
13:34 29 Feb 24
Fatimah KamalFatimah Kamal
19:20 28 Feb 24
Its is a small cozy space, great for first time escape room experience(we were 5 adults). Really left a lssting impression, especually the super accomodating staff. They allowed us to pray in the room before we started, which is very appreciated. Thank you for such a wondrful time.
Claire PerttulaClaire Perttula
15:47 28 Feb 24
The room design was very cool and the staff were very helpful. We had a lot of fun!
Sarah OstlerSarah Ostler
14:54 24 Feb 24
Took the kids and we all had a blast in the ice cave. It was very very atmospheric (but not scary) and the puzzles were interesting and satisfying. I also appreciated that communication and teamwork was an integral part of solving the puzzles. The staff were clearly dedicated and enthusiastic and only made the experience better. Blew our other escape room experiences away.
Ilse FickIlse Fick
12:06 24 Feb 24
Dalia DissanayakeDalia Dissanayake
00:57 24 Feb 24
Caleb ChanCaleb Chan
18:57 22 Feb 24
We came here as a group of 8, and we all had such an immersive experience and the story & puzzles were very engaging.I would recommend this escape room place to anyone who enjoys escape rooms and art. It is definitely an escape room that you wish you could stay longer in!!
Florence KwokFlorence Kwok
03:06 22 Feb 24
Super beautiful art based escape room! Our entire group had a wonderful time solving the puzzles and enjoying the art. All of the pieces are hand made and upcycled by local artists. Super friendly staff and overall really unique and fun experience.
Jessica BernardinoJessica Bernardino
15:33 21 Feb 24
Went here with a group of friends and did the ice cave room, it was a very cool experience and lots of fun. Many things in this establishment was also made by local artists. Would definitely come back and try the other room!!
13:35 20 Feb 24
Diya PanickerDiya Panicker
23:14 19 Feb 24
Ali MAli M
03:39 19 Feb 24
Liubou AndronavaLiubou Andronava
02:18 19 Feb 24
Amazing!! We went to Dream portal as a small group. BEAUTIFUL rooms, so magical. Perfect level of difficulty, we were never actually stuck on something, every puzzle was interesting to solve, logical and well done technically. Loved it :^)
Sarina DePetrilloSarina DePetrillo
17:44 17 Feb 24
It was my first escape room and it was amazing! The staff were so friendly, knowledgable, and perfectly on theme. The room was beautifully constructed and immersive and the story was well thought-out and exciting. Highly recommend!
Victoria CVictoria C
00:06 17 Feb 24
Had a great experience here! Came as a group of four with two children and all of us had a blast. The room itself was so creative and the puzzles were challenging. This was our first escape room experience and I think Daydream Adventures set the bar pretty high. I would definitely recommend coming as a fun activity (with kids or with a group of friends).
Ian CarsonIan Carson
17:10 14 Feb 24
Awesome experience with some friends. A lot different than other escape rooms. Being able to touch everything was a big learning curve for our group.Would definitely take others in the future!
Mallory MooreMallory Moore
19:16 12 Feb 24
The staff were wonderful and the space is very cool! I brought 2 first time escape room goers and they also loved it! Puzzles were well done, some easy, some challenging. Amazing experience overall will definitely be coming back.
Suzanna RosenSuzanna Rosen
02:27 12 Feb 24
William LaneWilliam Lane
01:52 11 Feb 24
Very fun, creative escape room with beautiful art and decor.
Avery GAvery G
20:38 10 Feb 24
Staff was very kind and inviting, escape rooms are fun and interactive! Thank you!
Emily ScheffelEmily Scheffel
16:40 09 Feb 24
It was super fun!! The art was really cool to look at and the staff were so nice and very helpful!
Stef TedderStef Tedder
19:09 07 Feb 24
We did Dream Portal, and it was so immersive! Definitely one of the prettiest escape rooms we've ever done. We went as a family (5 of us with children 7, 6, and 2) and we all had a really fun time with the puzzles.I give it 3.5 out of 5, because of two reasons. First, it wasn't super family friendly despite being labeled as such. We apparently chose the less scary room, but it was still very frightening for all of our kids. Lots of jump scare sound effects and because the set was so real looking, it was quite immersive. Second, it's great that the room wasn't too heavy on lock and key puzzles, but the consequence is that it relied heavily on mechanic puzzles. One of the puzzles was just so mechanical that we kept asking ourselves, "are we doing this right or is the machine not working properly?" We had to wait until the mechanic reset for it to input our input properly (trying not to give it away).Anyway, it was a really great experience, and we will come again to try the second room. Will have to probably keep our 2 yo with a babysitter next time because she had nightmares all night and couldn't sleep after.
Tasha PembletonTasha Pembleton
18:58 07 Feb 24
Excellent experience at daydream adventure, we did the Dream portal adventure!! Was fun and thrilling!! Well be back for the other room too!
Nithurshan MNithurshan M
16:15 05 Feb 24
Robert LuongRobert Luong
00:24 05 Feb 24
My partner and I took our son here for his birthday and he loved it! We never been to an escape room that is this immersive. Everything was fully thought out and was challenging enough for us (we don’t do many escape rooms). One of the things that we had troubles with was the voices coming from the speakers, it was muffled and kind of hard to hear over the fans that were blowing and all the other noises that were going on. Overall it was a fun experience and we will probably go again to check out the other room!
Chana KelmanChana Kelman
13:39 04 Feb 24
My family loved it!!! The staff was also incredible…my daughter was a bit nervous about going into escape rooms. But they made her feel safe and spent so much time talking to her. Everyone LOVED the rooms!!! Everyone want to try the other room !!! Such amazing place! Do not miss this one!!
Valentina ConradValentina Conrad
04:32 31 Jan 24
The art was really cool and the staff were friendly, but the experience was kinda soured because one of the puzzles wasn’t working. We wasted like 7 minutes trying to make the candles go out. Like I feel like they should’ve made sure it worked before our game because we couldn’t move on and wasted our time and weren’t able to finish the escape room.
03:12 31 Jan 24
If you're in East York and an escape room enthusiast, highly recommend! Our group has done plenty of rooms, but the efforts in the set design here is on another level. Well worth your money if you're looking for an immersive escape room experience.
Juliana FiliceJuliana Filice
15:28 29 Jan 24
Did dream portal with some friends. The rooms are super cool. Puzzles are easy enough to not be stuck all the time, but still make you think a bit. Would go again and try out the other one .
22:59 28 Jan 24
We did the ice portal room ad a group of 4. The set design is wonderful and lots of tech to play around with. Our GM was great and we had fun here!Will definitely be coming back to try the other room!
Amanda GamesonAmanda Gameson
02:03 28 Jan 24
Laila JamalLaila Jamal
00:46 28 Jan 24
This escape room was a blast! We tried the Dream Portal room, which was super immersive and a good level for our group of 14-15 year olds. The staff were super friendly and patient. We will definitely come again. Thank you Daydream Adventures!
Pixel HeartsPixel Hearts
19:52 25 Jan 24
Lots of fun! Went for my birthday!Rooms weren’t expert difficulty but definitely worth a shot!Me and my friends are escape room experts- but we went for the artistry and the experience!! Super worth itStaff was very friendly and even gave us some stickers afterwards 💜
Candy ChouCandy Chou
16:37 23 Jan 24
This escape room is more story-based than your usual escape rooms. The room is beautiful designed and thought out. One of the prettiest!
Aidan JarvisAidan Jarvis
03:24 23 Jan 24
Absolutely phenomenal escape room. The forest was so enjoyable and although we didn’t finish, we had so much fun trying to figure everything out. Definitely coming back!
Julian TaylorJulian Taylor
20:04 21 Jan 24
Simeon WongSimeon Wong
21:08 20 Jan 24
It was a great experience to visit Daydream Adventures! Magical Place! Kids really enjoyed to solve quests!
Farhat UllahFarhat Ullah
13:59 17 Jan 24
Anja TeeAnja Tee
16:59 15 Jan 24
I went on a Sunday evening, two adults one 8 yr old. There are only two rooms here, but A LOT of thought and effort has gone into its design. Everything you see has been hand crafted/decorated by local artists. This escape room is, after all, a sort of art installation (my daughter loved the thunder clouds in the bathroom). We did the Dream Portal room. It's spectacular! You really feel as though you're in an enchanted forest. As for the game itself, we are hardly experts at escape rooms and so this game was challenging. Me and my adult sister struggled to find our way at first. We had to ask for clues more than i would've liked 😂 My 8 yr old loved interacting with the very clever props. We made it to the last challenge before running out of time - we were this 🤏 close! I won't go into anymore detail, I don't want to spoil it for anyone. We look forward to going back. The staff are very friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend!
Joanne ZarasJoanne Zaras
20:15 14 Jan 24
I went last weekend with my kids for my birthday. We did both rooms. The experience starts as soon as you arrive. Both game masters were friendly, helpful and fun. I love the clue system and also their use of local artists. I wish there were a few more rooms because we would be back. I fully recommend a visit, great job!
Jenn SmithJenn Smith
13:20 14 Jan 24
My family and I went to DaydreamAdventures last night and did the dream portal escape room and it was a fabulous experience. 10/10 recommend!!!!
alyssa filicealyssa filice
21:33 13 Jan 24
The room was so well designed and the puzzle has you thinking outside the box
Nadia BarbosaNadia Barbosa
16:31 11 Jan 24
I recently organized a team-building activity at Daydream Adventures Escape Room, and I must say it was an absolute delight! This escape room experience was hands down the best I've ever participated in. The games were incredibly immersive, well-crafted, and a ton of fun. The attention to detail and creativity that went into designing the rooms were truly impressive.What set this place apart even further was the enchanting environment that genuinely transported us to a whole new world, all thanks to the incredible hand-crafted artistry by local artists. The staff were not only knowledgeable but also incredibly welcoming and friendly, making us feel right at home.If you're looking for an unforgettable escape room adventure, Daydream Adventures is the place to be. I can't recommend it enough, and I can't wait to go back for another incredible experience! Five out of five stars, no doubt!
Alisha FisherAlisha Fisher
16:19 09 Jan 24
Excellent space, great puzzles, awesome staff! They even do a picture at the end.
Jen MJen M
13:39 09 Jan 24
The puzzles were incredible and the room was absolutely breathtaking. The artists made this escape room the most memorable one my friends and I have ever been to.
Alex DikeosAlex Dikeos
13:29 08 Jan 24
We had a great time here. We’ve been to many escape rooms in the past what sets this apart from others is it’s challenging but logical. And the decor is whimsical and artsy. Would recommend to others
Kim LKim L
22:08 07 Jan 24
We had such a wonderful time and are already planning to go back for our next adventure ☺️🦋✨
Erin CalleryErin Callery
21:06 07 Jan 24
Great immersive fun escaping the Ice Cave with my family! Beautifully designed. Staff were extremely welcoming, and made the experience even better (especially for my youngest kiddo who was a bit nervous to try an escape room for the first time). Looking forward to returning to try the enchanted forest room.
Vin LVin L
15:07 07 Jan 24
Went with my nephews, we all had a great time. Great staff and amazing experience. Would definitely recommend if you havent been here already
Rixi AbrahamsohnRixi Abrahamsohn
19:47 06 Jan 24
My family had an amazing time. Good story, well designed puzzles and fun roomDesign. The two employees there were helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend.
Stefan ChabnauthStefan Chabnauth
17:07 06 Jan 24
First time experience was excellent. It was a thinker especially when working with your kids testing their brains for solving puzzles
Miaou MintMiaou Mint
02:20 05 Jan 24
One of the best escape rooms I've done.Good interactive puzzles and the whole place looks and feels great.The staff is really upbeat, funny, and does character voices.
Gabriel PearlmanGabriel Pearlman
22:46 04 Jan 24
Our family had a fantastic time. The physical environment of itself is much more of an experience than the other escape rooms we’ve been been to. It was magical. Special thanks to Jay and Sarah for Being such wonderful hosts, and making our Experience that much more fun and enjoyable.
Ren AdamRen Adam
00:26 04 Jan 24
One of the best Escape Rooms in Toronto, have done both their rooms and they are amazing! So immersive and well decorated with cool effects, and my fave part is they don't feature number locks but interactive puzzles featuring pieces you put together, rhythm based clues, touch activated items. If you are feeling bored of the typical escape room experience it's a breath of fresh air. The staff there are also lovely.
Angela MocoAngela Moco
15:41 03 Jan 24
Great family adventure. We had a blast!
April KowaleskiApril Kowaleski
13:27 03 Jan 24
This was so much fun! The staff were friendly, and the rooms were super intricate and magical. The puzzles were an enjoyable level of difficulty for my family (we’ve done a few escape rooms before). Would recommend!
Bluk 7Bluk 7
03:23 03 Jan 24
sophia singhsophia singh
02:11 02 Jan 24
Trixie DoyleTrixie Doyle
00:37 02 Jan 24
The room was so beautiful I didn't want to escape! Lots of fun puzzles and challenging enough to be interesting without being frustrating. Will definitely visit again to try the other adventure.
Jonathan LokJonathan Lok
05:49 30 Dec 23
joanna kolakowskajoanna kolakowska
03:13 30 Dec 23
This was our second time - this time to the ice cave. We love how well put together these rooms are.
Melissa HimelfarbMelissa Himelfarb
01:30 30 Dec 23
This was amazing - a great family escape game. Our ages ranged from 10 to 43, and the puzzles proved fun and challenging for all, without being frustrating.The room itself was beautiful, and the staff were super friendly.
Christine LimChristine Lim
18:02 29 Dec 23
Was looking for a child friendly escape room to do with my family and this place was perfect! We did the enchanted forest with my 7 year old daughter. Staff is super friendly. We did the enchanted forest room.
Sozon S.Sozon S.
18:00 29 Dec 23
Great experience. My wife and I brought our 7 year old and did the enchanted forest. We had a great time. Our daughter loved it.
Ash KellyAsh Kelly
02:31 28 Dec 23
This is one of the best rooms in the city! The staff does such a good job, it's so immersive and beautiful.
Cody BCody B
00:01 28 Dec 23
Fun, artistic, very fair escape room. By far the prettiest escape room I've been to.
Jeff CarolinJeff Carolin
23:54 27 Dec 23
Kids loved it!
Richard DavidsRichard Davids
18:51 27 Dec 23
The staff at Daydream Adventures are outstanding, going above and beyond to providing the best experience possible for your visit with them. The two different adventures are like no other in Toronto, with visuals and interactive features you will not find anywhere else.I highly recommend Daydream for your next escape room adventure. Perfect for all ages.
Konstantin PolkovnikovKonstantin Polkovnikov
20:38 26 Dec 23