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Daydream Adventures provides a hand-crafted escape room that will be unlike any other you have experienced. Your team may even forget you are in an escape room when you begin to explore our alternate world. Play through an immersive story, solve interactive puzzles and complete your mission. Learn more about Daydream Adventures’ online and physical escape rooms.

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Dream Portal

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The world keeps growing as portals open and reveal magical realms. You and your team of adventurers are ready to explore. Through this portal is a land of magic and dreams, it may not be what it seems.

Few adventurers have returned. There are stories that an evil witch took over what may have once been a wonderful place. Your team is fearless. You are ready to be the adventurers that solve the mysteries of this place and restore balance in the growing universe.

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The Witch's

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In a realm of dreams and magic, a trickster has upset the witch who lives here. Hilda has been away from the forest. Upon returning home, Hilda discovers someone has mischievously interrupted what she was working on. She is locked out of her cabin. She suspects a human may have done this, as she knows many humans detest her. In this realm, spirits often watch and listen. Spirits of the forest, such as yourself, are very wise. A witch calls upon forest spirits for guidance. When Hilda calls for your help, your spirit can tell Hilda exactly how to undo the trickster’s mess


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