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Get together with your friends and visit Toronto’s only art installation escape room. Your team will not want to escape from Daydream Adventures. You will enter into a beautiful escape room with an immersive story and interactive puzzles. Our escape rooms are family-friendly and fun for everyone. Are you ready for an adventure?

Dream Portal

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A meteorite has struck the Danforth, causing multiple portals to open up strange and wonderful worlds! The first of these doorways discovered is a DREAM PORTAL which leads to a fantastical place – an enchanted forest that’s home to mysterious spirits who bring dreams to mortals.

Through this portal is a realm where the happiest dreams are made. But the mischievous witch, Hilda, has taken away all the good magic of this once cheerful place. She has been replacing it with only dark magic and nightmares. The spirits of the forest can no longer cast dreams to the human realm. While the witch is away, adventurers can explore the forest and try to undo Hilda’s wicked tricks. Are you brave enough to unravel the witch’s dark magic to free the forest spirits?

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33 CAD + TAX
per player



Ice Cave

Ice Cave Escape Room Poster

43 CAD + TAX
per player


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