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Get together with your friends and visit Toronto’s only art installation escape room. Your team will not want to escape from Daydream Adventures. You will enter into a beautiful escape room with an immersive story and interactive puzzles. Our escape rooms are family-friendly and fun for everyone. Are you ready for an adventure?

Experience Our Immersive Art Escape Rooms


A meteorite has struck the Danforth, causing multiple portals to open up strange and wonderful worlds! The first of these doorways discovered is a DREAM PORTAL which leads to a fantastical place – an enchanted forest that’s home to mysterious spirits who bring dreams to mortals.

Through this portal is a realm where the happiest dreams are made. But the mischievous witch, Hilda, has taken away all the good magic of this once cheerful place. She has been replacing it with only dark magic and nightmares. The spirits of the forest can no longer cast dreams to the human realm. While the witch is away, adventurers can explore the forest and try to undo Hilda’s wicked tricks. Are you brave enough to unravel the witch’s dark magic to free the forest spirits?

36 CAD + TAX
per player


36 CAD + TAX
per player

A meteorite has struck the Danforth, causing multiple portals to open up strange and wonderful worlds! The second of these doorways discovered is an ICE CAVE which leads to a mystical place – a seemingly abandoned temple where powerful artifacts remain frozen.

Certainly, no one has been here in a long time. There is a magical presence trapped inside the cave. You will explore the remnants of a civilization has been left behind. Don’t be fooled by the allure of beauty, there is a dark tale to uncover. Brave Adventurers, this is a place of great power and your actions may have immense consequences. Can you restore peace to this frozen cave?


Cancellations and rescheduling will require payment for the game in full (i.e. payment for however many players booked). The payment will be transferred to store credit to be used on your future escape room experience. 

  • Unused store credit will not expire
  • Store credit can be used to reschedule 
  • You cannot reschedule more than 2 times

All payments are non-refundable, no exceptions.

You can book an escape room online or over the phone. You will need a credit card to book your game.

Check out our social media for promotions. We have discounts for nonprofit or charitable teams too.

You will only need to pay for the number of players that show up to the escape room. If you paid in advance for more players, you can have store credit to be used by anyone, anytime.

We recommend a minimum of 3 players for our escape rooms. For a group of 2 players, the cost will be the same as the minimum group size (3 players). You can always add players before the start of your escape room.

It is always a private booking at Daydream Adventures. 

You can always book for the number of players you know are able to play. We can do a player count at the start of the game to charge for any extra players. 

Yes, we love to host your celebrations! Our escape rooms are great for kids birthday parties. Don’t worry though – it is just as fun for adults! We do not have any extras like a party room. There is no extra cost. You can simply book a normal escape room experience.

No, you can pay in-store before the start of your escape game. You can pay in advance or ask when you arrive to charge that card online. All cancellations and/or rescheduling will result in the card on file being charged.

Never. We take safety very seriously. There will always be an unlocked door to leave the escape room. You can leave anytime.

No. It will only be your team inside the escape room, unless you ask staff to briefly enter to assist you. 

You will receive instructions on how to ask for hints. You will always be able to communicate with Daydream staff.

Magic is what makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a storybook. This can be things like set design, special effects and puzzle interactions.

Fright does not mean scary like a haunted house. There are experiences during the game that may be creepy, dark or odd.

Yes! Our games are family friendly. It turns out, kids are great at solving puzzles. Please consider your child’s abilities when deciding if they will need adults to help them during the escape room. 

Yes, you can always add extra players to your team. If you want to have more than recommended, 1 or 2 more people can join your team. However, the game may be more crowded and not everyone may participate. We will do a player count when everyone arrives for the escape game.