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The Team Building Benefits of An Escape Room

Remote Team Building
Since the pandemic, work meetings, office parties and basically everything is online. You might have sighed when you heard the next team building event will be online too. But what if your next team building event could be an online escape room?

The Team Building Benefits of An Escape Room

If you considered calling in sick or claiming an emergency came up to avoid a team building event, you aren’t alone. According to Forbes, team building is often deemed as lame by many employees. It brings back memories of The Office. And while, for some, that might be a dream come true, it does come with a poor connotation for many. Unfortunately, we don’t all work with Michael Scott. Inevitably, team building exercises and outings happen year after year.

There is good reasoning behind subtly forcing employees to participate in such events. Forbes states some benefits are improving communication and collaboration which can facilitate trust and lower conflict. Even now, with many employees working from home, companies are turning to remote team building experiences. So, despite the negative feelings, there must be something good about team building. It can’t all be extremely lame torture.

Maybe It’s Time to Try an Escape Room?

To illustrate the potential fun of a team building outing, let’s talk about escape rooms. This is an immersive experience that can’t really be found anywhere else. You can pick a room with an interesting theme and story. It’s like picking what movie to watch at the theatre. Inside the room, you can examine clues and solve puzzles with your team. Almost as if you are in a video game, except you don’t have to worry about saving the game or losing points. Already, this is sounding better than that last activity where you awkwardly got to know each other.

Moreover, playing an escape game is exactly what you are supposed to get out of team building. Usually, it’s impossible to play alone. You need to play with a team. You have to work together to solve puzzles. Your team is forced, for the sake of fun, to communicate and collaborate towards a common goal. Those skills you bring to work to complete an important project or reach the sales goals, will help your team escape the room. Instead of focusing on work tasks, you’re unknowingly building skills in a setting so far removed from your office! It’s like bringing back recess!

Remote Team Building

Of course, now that work from home is the new normal, the options for team building might seem even more lame. You get to login to Zoom, or whichever platform you use, and pretend to enthusiastically see who can find a stapler at home first. But, maybe you should let your boss know about virtual or online escape rooms. This has all the team building benefits of an in-person escape game. Virtual team building experiences that are truly immersive can help teams forget about their work and uplift everyone’s mood.

Most importantly, online escape rooms allow players to participate from the comfort of their own homes! So yes, you can keep wearing that nice shirt with the sweatpants you’ve been wearing for a week. Despite the change in medium, the concept stays the same, though this time your team works together to navigate the room, led by a gamemaster. Our gamemaster, Hilda – the witch of the forest – controls the camera as your team tells her where to go. Together, you must communicate with her and with each other to solve the puzzles. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll leave with a sassy witch’s phone number or Instagram handle. You can read our other blog post to know more.

While we’re still living remotely, Daydream Adventures’ online escape room is $110 for 4 players, plus an additional $15 per player. If you fill out a team of 8, you’re only paying about $170 plus tax. Generally, we recommend limiting a team to 15 players. For larger groups, split into two teams (or more) to play the same game at different times or play different games at the same time. The former option is great when everyone cannot be away from work at the same time. For example, Team A could play at 2pm and Team B could play at 4pm. They’ll still be able to talk about having similar experiences! Or, we have partnerships with other escape room companies and you can book multiple games to start at the same time.

In conclusion, an escape room is one of the most immersive, unique and collaborative team building outings. An escape room throws you so far out of your comfort zone from the get go, there’s no time to think about what’s expected of you. You will be able to see your team shine and show off their unique skills. If you’re looking for something different, something fun, something that will leave your team wowed and bring them closer together, book an escape room experience with Daydream Adventures now!

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