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The Ice Cave is Coming!

Ice Cave Escape Room Toronto
Daydream Adventures is about to launch their newest Escape Room in Toronto - an immersive sci-fi Ice Cave!

The Ice Cave is Coming!

Another portal has opened up at Daydream Adventures. After two years of Adventurers saving the Enchanted Forest and keeping Hilda at bay, we’ve stumbled across a new adventure for brave explorers.

The Ice Cave is home to a weak monster, trapped within an ice cell. It’s up to you and your team to uncover the secrets of the world, melt the ice and release the monster. But not everything is as it seems…

Featuring handmade props and sets created specifically for Daydream Adventures by local Toronto artists, The Ice Cave is unlike any other escape room you’ll find in the city. Daydream Adventures is known for combining puzzles, art and magical technology to create an immersive world you’ll never want to leave, and the Ice Cave is set to be no exception. It’s bigger and better than ever and just about ready to open to the public.

Early Bird pre-sale tickets are available for the Ice Cave adventure, over here. Head to the Gift Certificate tab, pick specific game and select “Ice Cave ”. When you use the code Icey30 at checkout, you’ll receive an additional 30% off your snowy adventure.

The Ice Cave is a teamwork based, sci-fi inspired adventure for 3-7 players. Once the adventure opens to the public, it’ll be $43 each, your adventure lasting an hour and a half. Using the discount code will bring the price closer to $34 a person – a real steal for the most exciting, technologically advanced and magical experience hitting Toronto in 2022.

This is best for people of all ages, families, friends, adventurers from all over. Don’t miss your chance to uncover the secrets of the elements within the Ice Cave, opening early 2022.

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