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Top Five Reasons to Check Out Daydream Adventures

daydream adventures escape room toronto
With so many options of things to do in Toronto, here are five reasons why Daydream Adventures is one of the best experiences!

Top Five Reasons to Check Out Daydream Adventures

Toronto is filled with fun experiences, each a little different from the rest, all offering unforgettable experiences for you, your friends and family. So how in the world are you supposed to choose which experience to try?

Our top pick is, of course, Daydream Adventures, an immersive escape room in Toronto, located on Danforth Avenue between Coxwell and Woodbine station. Why Daydream Adventures? Well, here’s the top five reasons this escape room is the adventure for you!

Daydream is a female owned and led company!

Daydream Adventures was founded by two women in 2019, both of whom have many years experience working in the escape room industry. Daydream is committed to being a positive influence in the community, and fighting against the inequality of the genders.

On March 8th, 2021, Daydream Adventures shared a post on Instagram, outlining the importance of being a women-owned and led small business. The owners see it as an opportunity to challenge assumptions based on gender and be role models to their families. At the end of the day, it is a vow at Daydream Adventures to create an inclusive and positive world and workplace for all guests and employees.

Daydream Adventures doubles as an immersive art installation!

Everything in Daydream Adventures’ escape rooms is handcrafted, curated and designed specifically for our rooms by local Toronto artists. Each piece is designed, prototyped, crafted and crafted again to add to the atmosphere of the room, to lead the storytelling and to be enjoyed by every guest who walks through our doors.

Each prop, each wall and set piece, has had hours and hours of work by many artists put into it to bring the adventure to life. We put thought into every piece. How do we make this experience more intuitive, more exciting, more immersive and more magical?

Using technology, recycled and reused props, and completely handmade pieces, the rooms offer up a once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience. You’ll never see a world quite like those that are being created and presented at Daydream Adventures’ Toronto escape rooms.

Daydream Adventures Has Fun and Quirky Characters!

Part of what makes the lore in Daydream Adventures’ escape rooms so exciting is the wide array of interesting characters the adventurers get to hear about and interact with.

The Dream Portal, Daydream’s first escape room, follows Spirits of the Forest, who lead the adventurers through their journey by speaking to you, providing hints and adding layers to the story. Each Spirit you pass has its own personality and own backstory of where it came from.

Enchanted Forest is at risk of being destroyed by the evil witch, Hilda. While the adventurers never get to meet Hilda, you see her musings and experience the havoc she’s wrecked on the once charming and peaceful forest. She has left pieces around for the Adventurers to find and uncover. If you really enjoy getting to know Hilda, however, she does like to make appearances on Daydream’s Instagram and TikTok pages, dancing, decorating and causing all sorts of mayhem.

The Adventurers also get a game companion in George, a magical tomb who has seen better days. He provides the link between the adventurers and any help they may need. While he may appear rough around the edges, George loves helping adventurers and has quickly become a fan favourite amongst players!

Daydream Adventurers is Immersive from the Get-Go

Daydream’s immersion begins from the minute you step into the doors. The first hallway you enter, after stepping off the streets of Toronto, is decorated with lights and clouds, slowly bringing you into the world. It’s a favourite place for guests to take pictures, too.

Once you turn the corner, you’ll notice a large bison head, surrounded by lights and clouds, like the entrance to a magical, ethereal secret club only you and your team are invited into.

Though the stairwell seems dark and scary, it only lasts a moment. The lights that line the stairwell change colour, beckoning you down further and further until you reach the black light hallway – your last chance to turn back before…

The lobby, which is painted in the Daydream Adventures signature purple. The first thing you’ll notice is the Magical Portal hallway, leading adventurers down into the depths of your adventures, decorated in flashing lights and mystical shapes, clouds and surprises. Set off in the corner is a magical tree, one like you’ll find in the forest, yet all together original. It’s covered in twinkling lights, birds, leaves and homages to Daydream Adventures’ first Toronto escape room. The tree is then surrounded in purple-blue coloured rocks, perhaps an early teaser for the upcoming Ice Cave.

And if that isn’t enough, the biggest immersive surprise lies in the two bathrooms. One features a live thunderstorm, accompanied by flashing clouds hanging above you. The other brings you into a dungeon, with the eyes of unknown creatures ensuring your safety. Each presents its own experience and sets the tone incredibly well for the mind-bending experience you are about to embark on.

Daydream Adventures is Opening a New Escape Room in 2022!

Our escape rooms has received a lot of praise since opening its first room, The Dream Portal, in December 2019. Some have said that they’re well on their way to being the number one immersive experience in the city! Others say it’s an experience they’ll never forget. Well, the great news is, Daydream is just about to open their second experience!

The Ice Cave is a brand new immersive escape room, slated to open in early 2022, featuring a larger and longer adventure for groups of 3 to 7 players. The adventure is set to be about an hour and a half long, and cost $40 a player.

While a different story from The Dream Portal, the new adventure still retains Daydream Adventures’ signature immersion, storytelling and magic. You and your team are explorers who have found themselves deep within an ancient ice cave, which is inhabited only by a weak monster. It is your job to discover the secrets of the ice cave and save the monster before it’s too late. But things aren’t quite as they seem…this adventure even features two possible endings!

Early Bird presale tickets are available now at daydreamtoronto.com. You can learn more about The Ice Cave here!

So what’re you waiting for? Daydream Adventures’ escape rooms in Toronto are open 7 days a week, opening at 12 Monday-Friday, and 10 on Saturday and Sunday. There are so many opportunities for you and your team to venture into, what some are calling, the best escape room in the city. Book your tickets now!

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