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Toronto Escape Room Reopening

Toronto Escape Room Reopening
Daydream Adventures will be reopening for games July 16 - you can book your adventure now! The Daydream Team is happy to announce that we will be reopening this month! It’s been a long wait, but we are optimistic that with everyone getting vaccinated we will be able to stay open. Please keep in mind that changes may allow an earlier reopening date. We will provide an update immediately, should that happen. Book now as game times are limited and fill quickly!

Toronto Escape Room Reopening

It’s been a long, and very slow, time to wait for things to open in Ontario. We’re all tired and bored. Does anyone even know what day it is anymore? What is it safe to do now? The even more pressing question, what are the best things to do in Toronto? Well, we know a lot of things are about to open in Ontario’s next step!

The most important, of course, are escape rooms in Toronto! That’s right, escape rooms will begin opening. An escape room is a perfect way to celebrate reopening and forget about the real world. Whether you’re an escape room enthusiast or just looking for things to do this summer, there is one Toronto escape room you need to visit. Daydream Adventures is Toronto’s best escape room. 

Unsurprisingly, we are biased about that. But, Daydream Adventures is Toronto’s only art installation escape room. Our team handcrafted everything from trees that feel like someone is always watching to truly magic mushrooms that are glowing. You will explore a set and interact with props that are unlike any other escape room. You will need to watch and listen carefully as the story is revealed in each step. This will be an otherworldly experience. You can decide for yourself if Daydream Adventures is Toronto’s best escape room. 

What is an Escape Room?

So, you’re looking for things to do in Toronto as everywhere begins to reopen. Your next question might be, what exactly do you do in an escape room? First, you will need to get a small group together. Pick your team members wisely. In this escape room, after hearing the story, you will look for clues. As you slowly piece it together, you will solve the puzzles and move on to the next step. If your friends or family members aren’t great at teamwork and communication, this will be an exceptional challenge. At Daydream Adventures, our escape room will immerse your team into feeling like you are exploring a new place and not just solving random puzzles. This art installation escape room is located on the vibrant Danforth. Before or after your game, there are many things to do such as visit local shops and restaurants. 

Book now at Daydream Adventures and experience an adventure in Toronto’s best escape room. 

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